Green Library

University’s vision is to reinvent a green space for students and culture. A clean area for students with new dimensions, informative signage boards, corners for deep studies & group discussions, a space for heritage walks, a centre for photographs, paintings and water colours. This concept of Green Library provides a study atmosphere in a natural-green environment with lush greenery. This system is a blend of heritage and modern aesthetics with all facilities, including scope for group discussions in the silence of the green space. Keeping this in view, the University has taken every care to see that the Green Library is given a facelift both in terms of maintenance and infrastructure, incorporating modern pergolas, Gurukul Huts, open granite mantaps, granite tables with benches beneath the trees, solar lightings, etc.

Indian education the education system Gurukula system amidst of the natural forest. Keeping this traditional system of education the Karnatak University launched a project on Green Library. The concept is to provide a congenial natural environment for the study. This system is a blend of tradition and modern system with all amenities. Keeping this in vogue the Green Library has been established in the centre of the campus and providing all facilities to students for study. The facilities include sitting, supply of drinking water, WiFi connectivity and other facilities etc.

The main library allows students to access books but they cannot go for group or combined studies and discuss the subject matter inside the library. This is coming in the way of understanding the subjects thoroughly for the students. Realising this hurdle in learning, the varsity decided to set up the eco-library.

Students who have time to spare before their next class and who wish to go through textbooks or have a discussion can drop into the eco-library. Similarly, those preparing for examinations can use it and need not go to the main library which is a little away from the main buildings. Almost all postgraduate departments of the university are located in the surroundings of the eco-library.

Just imagine how relaxing it would be for the students to read or study sitting in a serene atmosphere surrounded by lush green trees and colourful flowers, enjoying the cool air and sometimes the twittering of birds! Furthermore, if there is no need to maintain silence like in the traditional libraries and the students can freely discuss their subject matter, it will really make studies more interesting.

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