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  • The results are processed and declared as per the guidelines issued by UGC and State Government due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • As per the guidelines there is no provision for the students in respect of applying for either Revaluation or Challenge valuation.
  • If the student is not satisfied with this promotional result, then he/she has to inform to the principal of the concerned college in writing, stating the fact that he/she wishes to reject all the theory marks obtained and willing to write exam papers of all the theory subjects, whenever the University conducts these exams in due course of time.
  • Those students whose results were withheld or MPC in Nov-19 exam of their I or III semester respectively, the results of these students are also kept in reserve in the current semester results for want of the previous performance.
  • These results are for those regular students, who had paid the fees and filled the exam forms for II and IV semester during May-2020 examination.
  • The results are processed and declared on the principle based on '50% of the performance in the previous semester + 50% of the IA marks obtained in the current semester'. Students are advised to adopt the above principle accordingly.
    For a clarity it has been illustrated with an example:
    Example: Suppose if a student has secured 250 marks out of 600, then his/her performance is (250X100)/600=41.66% , its 50% will be 41.66/2 = 20.83 Therefore student’s previous performance marks = 20.83
    Now if the student obtained 18 marks out of 20 as an internal marks for a subject then calculation to 100% will be (18X100)/20 = 90 marks it’s 50% will be 45 marks.
    His/her total result of this subject will be 20.83+45=65.83 (rounded to 66) marks.
    To calculate theory marks obtained will be equal to Total marks obtained – IA marks of that subject. i.e. 66-18=48 will be the theory marks.
    Like wise, student are advised to go through the above illustration for the remaining subjects.
    Note: Students are not permitted to contact Computer centre for any such queries regarding promotional results. If there are any queries contact the respective principals.

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