Vice - Chancellor Message

Prof. K.B. Gudasi

Dear Students, Colleagues and Staff,

Firstly, I am very fortunate that I am the Vice-Chancellor of Karnatak University, a university of repute for good teaching, quality research and outreaches for the community. We, as a nation, very successfully sailed through COVID-19 period, and I hope all of you have taken vaccination to stay healthy and safe. Karnatak University has boldly and sincerely handled difficult situations during COVID-19 period including helping our community and arranging vaccination camps for all of us. We are the first to roll out new guidelines and have implemented NEP-based curriculum in all UG courses offered by the constituent and affiliated colleges. I thank all those who have been responsible for achieving these works and implementations.

There are always challenges before Karnatak University, and with your support I have been able to solve them one by one. As we all are aware, Karnatak University is receiving a peer team from the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC) on September 29, 30 and October 1, 2022. This is the fourth cycle of assessment and accreditation to which Karnatak University has submitted itself, covering the periods 2016 – 2021. We, the students and faculty members, have carried out a number of activities, achieved a number of deeds and have received many recognitions/honors in all spheres of academic, research, sport and outreach since the third cycle. Karnatak University has been accredited at ‘A Grade’ consistently in the last three cycles. This demonstrates what the University has stood for: a very strong teaching program with student-support services, high quality research, securing substantial research grants, building strong infrastructure for research, new initiatives, a number of new policies and outreach activities.

On the basis of our achievements let us hope and look forward to securing the highest grade as an outcome.We deserve this to our satisfaction. I appeal to all of you to participate, cooperate and work together to achieve our avowed vision, mission and goals.

Thank You One and All

Best Wishes,
Professor K.B.Gudasi

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