Vice - Chancellor Message

Prof. K.B. Gudasi

Dear Friends,

We are all experiencing hotter than normal summer in this month of May, and look forward to an early monsoon for relief. Karnatak University campus looks rich with greenery everywhere, being rejuvenated by Vasantruthu (‘the spring’) and there is occasional sight of a herd of dancing peacocks and incessant chirping of the birds. Recently laid-out new roads everywhere have added orderliness to the lush green campus. Visitors to the campus are simply delighted! Our students are writing exams, and I wish all the best to them in their exams.

Our former students or ‘alumni’ form an important part of Karnatak University, being not only flagship bearers, well-wishers but also in more than one way ‘stakeholders’. It is important that we involve them as our partners in both growth and development of Karnatak University. Over the last seven decades, from every nook and corner of northern Karnataka, young people belonging to all sections of our society, have studied at Karnatak University. This has not only fulfilled the regional aspirations but also contributed to the development of the northern Karnataka. What is more, while a large body of passed-out students have taken to different vocations as per their wish, a certain percentage of the students have excelled in law, politics, social sciences, humanities, arts, literature, science and technology, medical science and so on, both at the National and International levels. We feel proud of such distinguished alumni. It’s therefore important that we bring them face-to-face with students for inspiration. There are of course other programs we propose to involve all the alumni so that there will be a sustained spirit forever.

In the above context, I wish to share with you an important event that took place on the 20th May, 2023. A dedicated office has been established at Silver Jubilee Building, Karnatak University Campus. Times of India Group through its CompusTech has developed a portal for our alumni association and it will be in operation shortly. I request all our alumni to join hands with Karnatak University, Dharwad in its efforts towards excellence. Please visit our website to become the members and request other Kudians known to your to become the members.

Best Wishes,

Professor K. B. Gudasi

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